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Oculus Quest 2 - Good Things To Know Before Buying

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I recently bought the Oculus Quest 2 and plan to return it. My main reason for returning is that the image isn't very clear to me (blurry + halo effect), which I wasn't aware of until after I bought it. This seems to affect many users it, but not all, seems like not every Oculus Quest 2 is build the same. You can read more about it in this thread on Reddit:, or alternatively you can google "quest 2 blurry". So I'll summarize a few important thing to note if you are interesting in buying the Oculus Quest 2:

Major Issues
  • Your display may or may not be blurry and have halo effect/god rays
  • The Quest 2 only has three fixed IPD (Inter Pupillary Distance) settings you can choose from (58mm, 63mm, 68mm), if your eyes differ too much from these you may experience issues
  • Requires a Facebook login and they can brick your device if you break their ToS (not a huge issue for me, but many people take offense)
Minor Issues
  • The strap is pretty bad from what I've read. I haven't used mine long enough, but over time it wears out it seems and needs constant re-adjustment.
  • The VR cover (the foam that connects your face to the device) can apparently absorb a lot of sweat (and mine got pretty sweaty even when not doing much movement) and start to stink after a while. Again I haven't used mine long enough.
  • The battery life is only about 2/3 hours (which will degrade further from what I've read), and takes about 2 hours to fully charge.
  • The sound from the headset is very basic. It's alright for me but it's good to know it isn't anything great.
  • The default charging cable is only about 1 meter, so you can't charge and play at the same time
The Hidden Cost
  • The official link cable costs 99€ for me, a third party cable is around 20/30€ but may charge the device less
  • The official Elite Strap cost around 50€, the strap with battery pack costs 140€ (which basically doubles your battery)
  • You'll probably want to replace the VR cover at some point if it starts to smell 15/30€
  • Possibly headphones
  • The price compared to other VR solutions
  • The newly introduced Air Link (free versus the paid option "Virtual Desktop" 20€) allows you to stream your desktop and play your Steam VR games wirelessly. It worked marvelous/flawlessly for me with my "basic" router that came from my internet provider.
  • Very easy to setup and use
  • No need to install base stations
  • Controllers are very durable

In conclusion: if the image wasn't so blurry it would be a great VR solution for me, I wouldn't even mind buying the other accessories. It was my first experience with VR and I was amazed how well it works and looks (apart from being blurry). But the more I looked into this device, the more I can notice the corners they cut to reduce the price, the worse obviously being the blurry image/halo effect/god rays, but even apart from that you have to spend additional money to fully enjoy it.

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