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The game you've spent more hours playing this year.

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I'm not an online multiplayer gamer, I mainly play single player no competitive games (aside of SFV, which I like, a lot, but don't play online too often because I don't trust my internet connection enough).

Anyways the three games with more hours played this year are:

1. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age: 128 hours. No surprise here, since JRPG's are usually long games. Now there is a definitive edition on Steam Store though, so if you plan to play it, best get the upgraded version (though it's kind of downgraded in the graphics section).

2.  Contra: Rogue Corps: 81 hours. This was a surprise indeed, since I found that this game is greatly underrated. It is overpriced as well (I got it for 10€, I wouldn't pay full price for it). The loot and upgrade system are great, and the game mechanics pretty fun.

3. Agents of Mayhem: 73 hours. It's like a baby from Saint's Row and G.I.Joe. It's patent the love Volition put into it, but it didn't end well enough.

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