With this wizard beard mod there's no need for clothes in Crusader Kings 3 :)

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"THIS IS A WIZARD BEARD" proclaims the text, in all caps, in the dropdown menu of the Hair & Beard Variants mod for Crusader Kings 3. I do not need any further convincing.

The mod adds a handful of new hairstyles including some really lovely braided ones for female characters and some additional facial hair options for males, but it's hard to not leap directly to the ultimate quarantine beard and slap it onto your character's face. I mean, look at this thing. Who even needs pants with a beard like this?

And while the portrait cuts off at the thighs, you can believe this beard goes allll the way down. Just check this image from the mod's page:

How about kids? Can kids wear a wizard beard? 

yes .

The beard is unfortunately just for portraits—when you switch back to playing you won't see your character wearing it while you play. It's also little tricky to find a great pose with the wizard beard adorned—it clips through most types of clothing and even into your character's chest. But play around with clothes and poses and you'll find a few that work. You can find the Hair & Beard Variants mod here on the Steam Workshop.


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Started my morning off with a little giggle haha ;)