ETS2 - ATS: New Sound Engine called FMOD!

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In earlier articles, we already wrote about the upcoming sound changes we may expect in future updates. This is all possible because of the implementation of a brand new sound engine, called FMOD. This program gives the developers of SCS Software the possibility to add really dynamic and complex audio to their games Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. During the last couple of years, the sound designer already entered more and better sounds to the games, but it could have been even better, and that is what SCS Software is going for now. 

SCS Software's sound team already spend hours and hours to record and collect new sound data to implement in the games. The upcoming changes will be more profound since they are planning to redo everything they have already of sound data within the games. What we, the community, already knew, was that the upcoming update 1.37 would be all about the sound update. But as we aspected not everything will be done by the time that update is going to get released. The sound designers will do as much as possible, but after the release, they will have to count on the feedback of the community to make big or minor tweaks here and there. Meaning that this whole new sound process is going to be spread over several follow-up updates.

Last week SCS Software already posted a picture on their social media in which community members who paid attention could see a small detail that is related to a new sound we will have in-game.

Can you find the hint in the above picture?

Let's talk about modders within the community. They will be thrilled or nervous about the upcoming changes. Thrilled because of the upcoming new possibilities they will have by using FMOD. But some probably nervous as well because their current sound mods are not going to work anymore. They will have to rework all their sound mods or quit making them. Hopefully, us community members who use those sound mods, can expect their favorite modders, like f.e. kriechbaum, to be engaged enough to redo their work. The upside of the story is that the new sound engine, FMOD, is free to download and use. That means that modders will have the same power as the sound developers of SCS Software.

So ... did you find the hint in the above picture yet? 

Yes! A long-awaited and requested feature is going to be implemented as well as physical as soundwise. We will be able to roll down our windows! We will be able to tell or show more about this in a couple of days.

For now, just enjoy this video in which you can witness the difference of sounds in the current version of the game and what will come:

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