Star Trek Online 10th Anniversary

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Star Trek Online is making headlines with the upcoming 10th Year Anniversary event, but will it breath life back into a long time waning MMO? I ask this question as long time player and promote this anniversary in the hopes the game will remain around for another 10 years, or until STO 2 is launched, but many are waiting to see if the developers understand how important this event is and how big it needs to be for STO's future. Let's break down exactly how perfect the timing is for Star Trek fans and STO fans to get back into one of the most Iconic SciFi series of all time.

   First it is the 10th Anniversary of the only licensed Star Trek MMO currently running.  This game is so connected to the license that one of the ships created in the game by a player is being used in "The Picard Show", the Enterprise F (Odyssey Class Cruiser), picture below.

   Then there is the aforementioned "Picard Show" which debuted on January 23, 2020 on CBS All Access bringing back the iconic, Captain Jean Luc Picard and many of his crew to the forefront of Star Trek lore. This show is a great opportunity to remind many long gone players of the beauty of Star Trek, and invite new players to STO as new stories and ships coincide with the new show. Many of the most hardcore fans are followers of the original Star Trek "The Next Generation" series, which previously starred captain Picard and the U.S.S. Enterprise D.  STO has started off by offering a "Legendary Starship bundle" that includes many versions of the U.S.S. Enterprise from the multiple shows of Star Trek.  While this bundle is redundant, the connection is clear, but one can only hope more to the combination of shows, anniversaries, and revived characters than a bunch of iconic ships.  STO needs a revival to the gameplay that has remained stale for about 3 years now.  The ideas streaming out of STO management have been of grinding, purchasing, and pew pew than exploration, discovery, and awe.  This is also is not the only opportunity that coincides with STO 10 year anniversary.

   Voyager's 25th Anniversary is also this year, thus STO has leaked pictures of the Voyager Warship, from the episode "Living Witness".  Again, just having a ship or even ships for such a milestone could be seen as underwhelming. However, I have hope.  STO staff have to know that the typical yearly giveaway events and giant ships packs are not enough to bring all those STO fans back and definitely not bring new players who have never played STO. Word of mouth is the best indicator of the health of an MMO, so the current players must say "Yes, STO is the game to play for your Star Trek needs", if that is not communicated this 10th Anniversary...then I guess we will not get another 10 years. With all that said, check out STO if you have never played it, the community is supportive and the MMO has some decent depth.  Also with the Anniversary giveaway going you will be treated to new free ships just for creating a new account and logging in to play.  


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Watched andliked  Star Trek movies , specially reboot ones  but didnt play this game