Gearbox say that story is very important for Borderlands 3

Gearbox say that story is very important for Borderlands 3

From a recent interview between Gearbox Software’s Senior Producer Anthony Nicholson and GamingBolt we learnt that the story in BL3 will still be the game's main focus and the writing team have worked hard to deliver a cool story:

“We have a great writing team. Our writing department has just been stellar with trying to weave all the different lore and the canon that’s is— the game is deep now. Borderlands 1 came out back in 2009, and there’s a lot of pieces that we’re putting together. There’s always lots of characters the fans and community love.”

“We want to make sure we build on those things,” he continued. “In this latest entry we have the Calypso Twins. We’re chasing them down across the galaxy, keeping them from opening all of these vaults and getting this ultimate power. So we can stop them from overrunning with all of their evil deeds. Narrative in this one is definitely important and we want to make sure that that coincides in a very good way, with our new gameplay and the things that fans have grown to love about the series.”

There are already a lot of memorable characters in the series and hopefully this new game will add a few more. The story will take around 25-30 hrs to beat. 

Borderlands 3 is coming out on September 13th.

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i dont know how to feel about this


i'll need more storage as more great titles are coming soon..


Well, I think that we will see in a year)) But I think that such characters as Psycho will not receive the continuation.


i guess story is important
but too bad that it's not releasing on steam
that's gotta hurt more


Can't wait to play on steam.


I'm glad that story is going to be important


all you have to do it collect all the sirens and than the vaults wont open since all the vaults so far have only been opened by none siren, except for the gorty' project which atlas made, but was only opened in tales from.


i dont know how to feel about this


Let me know when it's on steam.


Whats even more important is not kicking your loyal customers in the jewels who have bought every single edition of the series because another company has handed you a suitcase full of money.


Sure it might come out on steam 6 months after its on epic, but I don't believe the ones waiting for Steam release are going to be treated the same as those who buy it on.  Will we get it for a cheaper price because of that suitcase full of money?  Will we get it cheaper because its now "been out" for 6 months?  Will be get some bonuses because we own some or all the other games?

So while yes, having a good story is good, treating your fans better is right up there with it.

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They still focus on the narrative

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