Any recommendations for a good second monitor?

Any recommendations for a good second monitor?

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Was looking at getting a second monitor for the rig. Was hoping to find one with 1920x1080 resolution in a decent price range. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Also if you guys have any cool pictures of your monitor setup please feel free to post them.

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Peiperissimus edited

I have 27" (Main) and 21" (Second)

It depend so much, what you want to do with that?

Just second monitor like I have (Pic), or do you want to make it WIDE?

Sry about bad pic quality :)

I got my second ages ago, from work... Not good, but hey... it works!! :D

In pic left, u see 3rd monitor, Old School 21" (Deeper than wider) and omfg its Heavy!!
I can Email that to you if u need!! :DDDDD

But if you  need Sharp/Good Picture... Go for old school... :D

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