League of Legends Porting to Mobile through a Cooperative Effort between Riot and Tencent

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Riot Games is the developer of one of the most successful MOBA games in existence, League of Legends.  The game has an active player base of almost 80 million players a month.  In 2011, Tencent invested in a majority stake in Riot before evetually taking over the whole company in 2015.

Now Tencent and Riot are apparently working on a mobile version of League of Legends.  Riot had previously rejected a proposal from Tencent to create a mobile version of the game several years ago, causing the publisher to launch mobile MOBAs Honour of Kings and Arena of Valor in its place.

Details are scarce, but according to rumor, the two have been working on a mobile port of the game for more than a year but the game is unlikely to be launched in 2019.

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Tencent sells private information to the chinese government. Not only tencent, each and every chinese company does that. F**k this evil company!!

Interesting, wonder what made them budge. I'm also wondering if this means every mobile moba will die once this drops especially Arena of Valor, given how similar it is to LoL.