Headset or Speakers?

Headset or Speakers?

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On which one would you invest money?
A very good headset or expensive Speakers?

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Valay Valmeyjar

Hi, well i prefer headset so i can talk to friends with the microfon without sounds of my music or gaming.

Peiperissimus edited

I live in a flat, so I must go for GOOD HeadSet!!
I use Fatal1ty, cheap/not very good, but good enough 4 me!
And of course, if you want to speak with your friends... HEADSET!! Table Microfones SUCK!
+ Push 2 Talk (We Don't want to hear your wife shouting of you)

 I've seen/heard room full of speakers... OMFG that was beautyfull!!
But it was not in flat :D


I agree with a headset, especially for gaming couples, just remember if you play the same game to mute the other person if applicable.Otherwise you get a horrible feedback echo. :(

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