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Annoying 2-Factor Email Auth.

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It would be nice if you could make it so you don't have to go to your email every time you try to sign in, to retrieve the 2-Fac Code why not just make it so you have to enter it once and the site remembers your IP address for example or i don't know read your cookies or something anything to confirm that it's you signing in. It would be a lot better cause of right now it doesn't matter what you do if you have 2-Fac It automatically signs you out and you have to login everytime and enter the code which is annoying.

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Bruh, all you had to do was select "Remember this Computer".  Although, I am having the same problem.  Its kinda weird but I think Alienware updated sometime in the past week to break this option.  I have it selected, its been selected for me since like 2016.  But now I'm getting an email every time I sign in.

OrgWithaStick said:

Have you tried "remember this computer"?




^You have to re-enable it every once in awhile (10~20 days?) but it works for me.

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But if you delete the cache every time you close the broser, the "remember" thing is completely unuseful.

I mean, it's 2020, there is the 2fa by google authenticator (or microsoft authenticator, or authy, or whatever it is) that works like a charm, why not use it?

It's even more secure than a simple mail

(that, for instance, not always came into our inboxes or spam)