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nvidia or ati

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I have the very old video card the gtx970
I would like to change the card and I do not know which to choose
I have a 2k monitor and the gtx 970 is too short for that resolution

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that's the way shouls be

Im using Asus Cerverus GTX 1050 Ti 4 Gb (180 Euros) with i5 3.20 GHz, can run some games like metal gear solid 5 in 2k resolution, but not all the games, if you can buy a Nvidia 8 Gb video card, and a i5 or higer processor sure can run all new games in 2k, or 4k scaled to 2k. But with a 4Gb video card is sufficient for play all the games.

Nvidia I used to build my systems with AMD ATI parts but I have had too many problems with them over time. I'm sticking with Intel and Nvidia from now on.