Google's New Game Streaming Platform Is Called Stadia, And It's Not A Console

Google's New Game Streaming Platform Is Called Stadia, And It's Not A Console

The hype has been steadily building for a while now, and now we’ve finally got our first look at Google’s grand entrance into the world of games and gaming consoles. It's called Stadia, and it's meant to be a unifying platform for, as the company puts it, all games, gamers and game and content creators. Google is never short on big dreams, but this seems legitimate. Stadia will launch in 2019 in the US, UK Europe and Canada.

"I'm not actually a big gamer," said Google CEO Sundar Pichai as he began his presentation.

Stadia is a unifying platform that aims to allow you to play any game on any platform, whether it's a TV, laptop, phone or tablet. As Google's Phil Harrison puts it: this is not a platform, the data center is your platform. The company showed off a Chromecast streamer that allows you to use the platform on a TV.

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This makes Google the first major company to launch the new era of game streaming, but it won't be the last. Amazon, Microsoft, and Sony are all expected to make moves, and Apple is always waiting, as well.

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