Metro Exodus Hijacking Lighting Themes

Metro Exodus Hijacking Lighting Themes

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I appreciate the thought and program design put into making my computers lighting work in conjunction with a game; however, I don't like how my lighting theme gets hijacked.  Metro Exodus is the first game I have come across with this issue.  Below are the specs:

Alienware Advances Gamin Mouse AW558

Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768

Alienware Command Center (Recent Version)

I have set my keyboard theme and saved it.  I also applied it to the game.  However when I go to open the game via the command center so my keyboard lighting wont get jacked it seems to throw me the middle finger and not want to open.  I can launch the game regularly via the desktop shortcut but then I loose all my lighting.  I spent almost two hours with tech support today and couldn't figure out how to get Metro to stop taking over my lighting.  It makes it a pain to try and play at night with the lights down.  Anyone else have this issue?


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right click the icon witch alows you to open the comand center there should be the option black out mode this diisable it for me