Do you think having a mousepad really matters?

Do you think having a mousepad really matters?

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Can't really get use to using one.

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No, its up to you


yes ! the larger the better!


I play tons of overwatch. I used to get frusterated with aiming because LOW DPI and LOW SENS = More Mouse Movement. I play tank now, so I don't have to deal with erratic movement. But still, a mouse mat from HyperX that is at Best Buy is the greatest investment I ever made. All I need is just a huge amount of space and I have been using the mouse mat ever since. Pro players argue that a certain mousepad impacts the performance of aim. It does not matter. Either way, your reaction time and practice time matters more than what threads the "Pro gamer" mouse pad is made of.

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I'm using Lenovo Y Gaming Mat - not too big, not too small, and awesome quality/price ratio.

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I can't imagine playing without one. Because the cold wooden desktop makes my hand feel like a dead one after an hour or so :-P

So I prefer mousepads made of cloth.

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after using my wooden desktop for years and finally swapping to a cloth cmstorm mouse pad id say i could never go back to not using one,not only is it more responsive but saves grinding the feet on your mouse down over the years (my mouse i've had for 3 years and the feet are still in perfect condition)

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It's probably mainly preference, but I can't imagine not using one lol.


I feel it does effect it, but it also depends on the mouse you're using. The lasers on mice are, from my understanding, basically read the surface you're playing on as far as texture and consistency. So example, playing with your mouse on carpet won't give you as good of movement as say playing on a tightly woven mat. Plus, using a mouse pad is quieter than playing on hardwood or a surface like that (if that's what your're doing).


When u start using one u will become addicted

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