With UltraViolet shutting down in July 2019, would it be possible to link UltraViolet accounts to Alienware so that existing Alienware users won't lose their UltraViolet movies? 

Why Alienware?

Here is the problem: While American UltraViolet accountholders have several ways to link their accounts (VUDU, MoviesAnywhere, Sony Digital) Canadians have absolutely no support!

Apparently, VUDU and MoviesAnywhere are US-only. Sony Digital is Playstation-only. Flixster in US and Canada just shut its doors and aren't accepting new UltraViolet accounts. And so, if you are a Canadian with a UV library of movies and television shows, you stand to permanently lose digital assets that are worth real money!

Any UltraViolet users out there like this idea?