MapleStory 2 December Skybound Expansion Phase

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MapleStory 2 kicks things off in December with Phase 1 of the epic Skybound Expansion!  

Within this first major expansion, MapleStory 2 players will:

  • Explore the Sky Fortress, an all-new floating battleship with an epic questline
  • Play as the enchanting new Soul Binder class, a hybrid damage dealer and healer
  • Try out 1v1 PvP in the competitive Maple Arena
  • Discover improvements to both Guild and Raid progression content
  • Experience tons of exclusive festive holiday events and rewards
  • And LOADS MORE!   

Prepare to take flight with the MapleStory 2 Skybound Expansion!  

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XDetonatorX said:

A nice try to buy, thanks.

It's "F2P". Minus all the microtransactions of course. You mainly don't have to pay for anything other than cosmetics. There are some annoyances with paid functions but eh, maybe they'll change it later on.