ARP: The number of users at each level

ARP: The number of users at each level

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I think would be interesting to see the numbers on how many users there are at each level. Just a number next to the tiers and masters boxes on the ARP page or something like that.

I passed in to the first rank of masters today so I know from looking at the leaderboard that there are at least 2853 users that have reached the masters. But the nerd in me want more statistics. :)

Oh, and if this already is available somewhere I thank you in advance for pointing me in the right direction.

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The leaderboard is currently the only way to check. Congratulations for your master rank!


I did a little mockup of how it could look.



Please dont do this to me, I am only at level 17 today.

What a long way to go to mastery for me and at this age, will i make it (Oh 67 years old)

But it looks good STALIOR