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They do not get it. They want to stop piracy, what happens is it INCREASES PIRACY. BTW It is a great game. All that Denuvo does is show that the game company cannot create DRM that works. Why do they keep trying? All that money down the drain. And this is why game are so expensive. I am shocked no one said that the Denuvo is the devil, or it slows down computers, it impacted frame rate...

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Rofl !

Denuvo sucks.
Actually, I'm rather opposed to all the copy protections on principle. 
I'm also against them because of how many times they've messed up my system, and often slow down the games as well. 
One of the first things I do upon getting a new game is grab a crack to fix those issues. 
It's really bad when one of the best ways to improve game performance can be getting a crack for it. 

Ok, I don't feel bad about the Steam protection. It's never caused me any troubles as far as I can tell, so I leave it alone.
Of course too many publishers still have a non-Steam DRM on games they sell on Steam, and of course that DRM needs to be killed.

Don't forget that the ones making the games are almost never the ones making the DRM in this day and age.
It's too bad they waste so much money on trash like that.  I'd really like to find out how much of the cost of the usual game is just for the DRM. (I'm tired of looking for that particular detail, and it's just curiosity after all.)

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There are always people who spend money on games, as well as people who don't.


I keep wondering why do game companies even pay for Denuvo anymore? I'm pretty sure it's expensive and it has been proven time and time again that it can be cracked, so basically their protection is a lie and companies are paying for nothing. And yet we keep getting games with butchered performance instead.

It's more like game companies are paying for an unoptimization patch for their games.

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