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Star Citizen already looks great at 4K anyway, ray-tracing seems to me to add a little value at an expensive cost. Let us hope eventually RSI deliver on the well-funded concept.




Defenders love to go on about how quality takes time, and all that. Here's the thing though, when they started calling for public funding, and likely made most of it, they stated release dates that they kept changing, and all have long since been past by as much as 4+ years by this point (initial slated released date was Nov. 2014). People have a right to be ticked off, and question if it will ever see the light of day.


Then since defenders just love to draw comparisons to Cyberpunk 2077, may I point out that CD Projekt Red never looked for public funding, and I don't think ever indicated any expected release dates, so the situation is vastly different, making it a laughable comparison. I should also point out that CD Projekt Red has generated good will from gamers for some twenty years by this point, and released multiple well received titles. RSI has none of that under their belts, the whole thing started with him basically saying, "hi, I'm Chris Roberts, give me money," and for some reason, lots of people did. There's a big difference between being the head of a game development team, which is just a part of a larger company, and being the head of a game development company, then by the time he started this, he had been out of game development all together for something like ten years. I could never understand why people got so hyped for this from the moment the Kickstarter started, it just felt like vapour ware then, and it still does, it's just that now more people are coming to feel that way too.


the game will never be finished... but people will still be surprised about it


raytracers in space simulator game? What?


lets learn what Ray Tracing is



Star Citizen...I am too old for wait for it


Converse and be Merry