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The exclusives can be better but the specs of consoles are not. If you want power you get a good desktop. consoles I would get only for exclusives


There was a rule for games on PC and consoles in the past which is quite accurate stil today.

Fighting Games, Racer and even most RPGs and Action Adventures are best played on consoles. This is during the Issue of stability and controls which is not given with PCs during different setups.

For PC it is all about accuracy so strategy games, shooter and MMORPGs as well as textadventures should be played on PCs.


However even there are games that feel good on consoles like Destiny for example they are completely different in the end because of major ingame aim assistance.


Where benefits the shooter genre from consoles most however is wherever it gets competetive as everyone has the same setup there is no one having a advantage by theire hardware in the first place.

Beside that: PC for online use, writing (which is why MMOs on consoles oiften suck) and often better graphics or frames per second.

Consoles on the other hand are the best to use for watching films as the controller often functions as a remote control allowing for more comfortable watching.


I think it is way less problematic like it was in the early years of 2000 but both got theire place now. However I started as team consoles once and with PS3s release I switched to team pc which is mostly because of the lack of games on consoles I couldn't play on pc and how badly designed online aspect on consoles are + they are expensive and once a new generation shows up they are obleted fast. Well but pcs are much more expensive!!! you might argue but thats not even the case. The issue here is that you need a specific setup before you can play newer titles but new generations of consoles are mostly not stronger than 5 year old pcs in the past which allows older pcs to stil run those games and often enough you just need to change one component on a PC to make it work for years again for consoles well you got the PS4 Pro for example which wasn't needed officially but all of you know that in secret most games without a pro sucked.

I had similar problems played a diashow version of Monster Hunter World at minimum details for a few months than bought a cheap graphic card upgrade for 100€ and now I' m fine again for the next 8 years ^^

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i preffer a pc but i have 2 consoles


Only console players maket these topics, PC-Master Race don't have to!