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In short: the doomed question.


It depends on the person for what he/she prefers. I personally prefer playing FPS games on the computer as I'm very used to use my mouse while aiming. On the other PS4 has exclusive games, which I really want to play too.




I'll grant that a console is good for some things, but overall I prefer my trusty pc


I personaly think PC. Consoles are easy to get started but have a shorter life span IMO. A PC can be updated to meet your needs and requirements but a console just becomes outdated. I do agree that they can be a lot more expensive though.


RadiostormX said:

Consoles place in the museum. They are weak and their graphics hurt the eyes.

You must go and get your eyes checked out.


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love my console for gaming and my alpha for everything else


PC way better!


I do not think so. PCs could also be used for a lot of other more important things other than gaming. (Please do not burn me at the stake, cause my work gives me money to be able to game xD ) I do not only use my PC for gaming (Yes, sad life). I also use it to do research, make spread sheets, file paperworks, make payroll documents, etc. I do not think I would be able to do ANY of that with a console. 


PC for live! xD