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hell no, at least for me pc is better


not a chance,not only do you save far more money in the long run but they can be built to be far more powerful than any console could hope to reach.

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Consoles are different and the videogame ecosystem would be certainly worse without them, even if you personally prefer the PC as I do.


I think it's all about lifestyle. Like perhaps if you usualy on the go you won't spend like 2 grand on a nice PC when you need mobility. For an exaple you can buy a cheap TV(400+) + a laptop (1000) and a console (400+) becuz the result are the same you will come home an chill. BUT if you'r PC based type person (job,hobby etc.) you will likely want a PC. So it is pointless to figth whom is better or worse, every person will find something that is best for him. 

P.S. except mobile gamer...


Short answer = NO 


I will always prefer a pc.. A console just don't feel right to me


who the hell wants to pay for mutli, i'll never get this


That's a negative!

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No. PC allows for more significant and efficient modding and it's 10x user friendly imo