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(Insert Rick Roll here)

Frogs rule, People drool.

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PC is better you can multi-task and do homework while game loads :)


PC is better, ever


Nope, PC can upgrade with new components, consoles no

Twilight King

One thing that wins me over to PC is & that you don't have to buy a subscription service to play online. I cannot stand the way companies charge the Xbox live gold or the PlayStation Plus or, Nintendo's latest service, Nintendo Online. I find it ridiculous that you have to pay for additional services to play online on top of already paying for Wi-Fi.


This argument is absurd! PC RULES! 30 FPS lol. 

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Exclusives make a console viable.  The Switch and PS4 are very good in their own right.  The Xbox One basically has no point if you own a gaming PC.  The 3 together are awesome and have more games than you could likely play in a life time...  But not at the best settings certainly.  Paying for online access is total BS as well, which is why my consoles stay offline and I only have them for playing single player exclusives.  PC for everything else.

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Consoles are quaint, they remind me of the feel of Pong and the first ATARI games, Missile Command and the likes ...Pac-Man. In short - nice antiques!

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Mostly PC for me since you can customize to the extreme consoles i see as an easy way for gamers to get together as friends in the same house and play together.

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And Commodore was better than Atari ;)

Play solo, live together or vice versa?