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The console looks preferable when it has an exclusive game not available for PC.


Both are good at some things. If you want the absolute best graphics and the most exclusive games, you're better off buying a computer. If you just want something simple and comparatively cheaper that you can connect to your telly and play games, a console is good enough.

I wouldn't say consoles are better when it comes to hardware or software capabilities because no console can compete with what a computer can do. Also, computers are capable of running any type of game whereas consoles can't even run their own games if they belong to an older generation of the same line of consoles. Superior hardware, backwards compatibility, thousands of games from small studios that only get released for pc, insanely good accuracy in fps games, upgadability, customisation, potential to be used for things other than gaming and as a professional tool, steam sales, modding etc are some of the things that put PCs apart from consoles.

I like consoles for their exclusive titles and I understand that a lot of people don't know and don't care to know much about computers so they prefer the simplicity of consoles so I won't say they suck and they are the worst. They have their place in the gaming market. Consoles cost half the price of a "gaming computer" and can be equally entertaining for the average person. If however I had to choose between a pc and a console, I'd choose the pc every time.


It depends on you, if you like playing games and there are no editing activities like me, i suggest you to buy a console

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Both have their advantages, I think in general PC has more. If that makes it better depends on how you value the different advantages.





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I think they each have their place in gaming. Personally I am a PC and XBOX gamer. My core community all game on xbox but when I want to do my own thing and get real immersive, I use my gaming rig. Why not just use both ;)


When your graphics cards cost more than entire console, your PC might be better than any console :)


I'd never take a console over a PC, there is so much that can be done with a PC. Consoles do have their place and are fine for some who want a simple means of gaming but in todays day and age a PC has become easier to use compared to what it use to be.