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Lol. I don't. A cosnolecouldnt ever be at the same level, unless they make it a PC, and then purposely target it as an connection to a TV.


Depends on your rig setup. I know plenty of gamers that have pretty sweet rigs and others with not so nice set ups so they prefer the console for ease of use. I am a console fan when it comes to MMO Shooters. 

PC is my go to when I want to play games like LOL or Civilization. 

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Lol thanks


both are good but each caters to a specific type of audience


Consoles place in the museum. They are weak and their graphics hurt the eyes.


It depends on your setup. PC an be much more powerful but are also more expensive while consoles age far quicker than any PC because you cannot just buy new parts. Most console exclusives release on PC nowadays too, so I am sure it's just a matter of preference and money.


Not in the slightest. Easier to use in most cases yes but as far as gaming experience goes not even close





i think computers are best. but also cost more money than an console.

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certainly not