Cosplay Forum Rules
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 Azura (Fire Emblem Fates) by Calssara
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 D.Va by Lady Melamori
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 Esdeath - Akame ga Kill! by Claire Sea
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 Aight Akali by satiellacosplay
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 Triss (The Witcher 3) by astrid_hime
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 Supergirl cosplay by Enji-Night
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 Cosplay girl: Helen Stifler
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 Dream Gary cosplay by beebinch
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 Ellie - The last of us by LeitNiakris
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 Alleria Windrunner by Danielle Beaulieu
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 Samus Aran - Metroid by Anya iChios
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 Sarina - Magical Girl Site by Calssara
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 The Witcher 3: Wild hunt
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 Gwen Stacy by Danielle DeNicola
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 Arwen by Alyson Tabbitha
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 Mera by xBeke
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 Ada Wong - Resident Evil 2 by Hana Bunny
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 Elizabeth by Lunaritie
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 Fallout 76 by Jenna Lynn Meowri
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 Miss Fortune Star Guardian by Helly Valentine
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 Alice from Resident Evil by Kayana Lees
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 BloodRayne by Alena Galan
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 Ako Tamaki by Calssara
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