A Light Theme For AlienwareArena
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 ADS for everyone?
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 Add some more appearance?
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 Watch ads for ARP?
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 Russian language
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 Sub Categories with NO ARP Gain
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 Quick access to your own posts
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 Alienware Gamer Fuel
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 How come this website doesn't support RSS/Atom feeds?
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 If you are " lvl30+ Master" and don't want to miss a giveaway
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 better prizes for daily's
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 Changing the key claiming system...
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 Update the Daily Quest
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 Free Alienware Desktops for Every Member of the Forum!
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 Remove "Vote on Content" reward
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 Black desert online pack not available for old members?
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 can we get a GW 2 expansion giveaway
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 FREE GAMES announcements TAB
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 If you remove a Post and you lost the ARP of it...
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 Moar Quests?
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 MAKE IT FAIR ! Arena Rewards ARP
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 Thread Preview Feature?
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 Link to quest from the drop down navigation bar at the top of the screen.
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 ARP Quests.
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 I'd like to see more functionality and activities and rewards in the alienware arena app
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